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iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max

FlexQuartz - Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Case MagSafe® Compatible - Blue


Crystal-clear impact protection with style - if you want a clear case to show off your new iPhone 15 Pro Max,...



Bundle and save

Crystal-clear impact protection with style - if you want a clear case to show off your new iPhone 15 Pro Max, but don’t want to compromise your style for protection, FlexQuartz is the one for you. Developed with our transparent & pioneering 16ft FlexShock™ multi-drop impact protection material, our sustainable bio-spice ingredient, which makes this case over 60% biodegradable, embedded intelligent UV-resistant agents to fight against discolouration & material breakdown, 4 subtle yet stylish colourways plus full MagSafe® compatibility, FlexQuartz is the case for people making an impact in the world.

Why choose FlexQuartz?

  • Impact Protection - 16ft Impact Protection, thanks to our lab-tested materials and design innovations, protects your device drop after drop for the lifetime of your device.
  • FlexShock™ - Our industry-leading material technology which absorbs impact like no other. It takes the heat produced by the force from impact and reforms your case structure, drop after drop
  • Waste Responsible Innovation - With our innovative bio-spice formula, over 60% of this case breaks down into the earth once you’re finished with it, leaving no trace of microplastics.
  • UV Resistance - Embedded with intelligent UV-resistant agents, this case protects your device from damage and discolouration, for the lifetime of your device.
  • MagSafe® Compatible - Embedded with a magnetic ring, this case is compatible with all your MagSafe® accessories, from battery chargers to car holders.

*More than 60% of this case is biodegradable. These cases feature our in-house Waste Responsible Innovation technology that will biodegrade in landfill environments in a matter of just a few years. Our materials have been independently tested by Eden Research Laboratory, Albuquerque, USA. This product is not considered biodegradable in some parts of the world, including California, Maryland, Washington and France.


Our material technology absorbs impact like no other, using heat energy from impact to reform the case.

Waste Responsible Innovation

Independently tested to breakdown naturally into the earth, leaving no trace of microplastics.

UV Resistance

Embedded in the case, our UV agent protects against material breakdown and yellowing.

MagSafe® Compatible

With built-in magnetic rings, keep your phone fully charged with your MagSafe® accessories.

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