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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet
Tech21 Evo Check phone cases

Our Core Materials

Are you wondering why Tech21 phone cases are guaranteed to absorb 90% more impact energy* than any other case on the market? The answer lies in our innovative blend of science, design and patented materials. Our experienced in-house team of scientists think outside the box to ensure our cases are ready to protect your device from everything life throws at it – drop after drop.

Still not convinced? Well, we’re the only case manufacturer to use testing methods independently approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory – an independent institute that has developed and maintained measurement standards for over a century.

Smarter Phone Protection

Tech21 green Evo Check phone case

Much more resistant than your average phone case material, FlexShock™ absorbs impact energy like no other, so your phone doesn’t have to take the hit. We get that added bulk isn’t something people want to deal with, which is why we’ve morphed this high-performing material into the ribs of a range of super-thin and lightweight cases.

Tech21 Evo Clear phone case

The main difference between FlexShock™ and FlexClear is that the latter is totally transparent, allowing users to admire the original design of their device. It’s also tough and scratch-resistant, ready to withstand all the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. Worried about the case yellowing? We’ve got this covered… FlexClear has built-in UV resistance that keeps unsightly discoloring at bay throughout the lifetime of your device.

Tech21 pink Evo Slim iPhone 12 cases

Get Your clean freak on...

You better sit down for this… Smartphones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Luckily, there’s nothing bog standard about our antimicrobial phone cases.

They contain a unique, self-cleaning formula that reduces microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours – keeping them hygienically clean, day after day. Unlike other phone cases, we incorporate these antimicrobial ingredients into the case itself, meaning our built-in formula offers permanent hygienic protection.

100% Biodegradable? good call

It’s estimated that 1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away every year… Obviously, this is bad news for the environment.
We’re always looking beyond the obvious to discover new ways of doing things and have spent the past few years developing new materials that reduce our impact on the planet – while still resisting impacts on your phone.

Made from sustainable composite materials including cork and wood filler, our super strong but super kind Eco cases are 100% biodegradable – meaning they leave no microplastics or chemical residue behind.

Tech21 black Evo Slim iPhone 12 cases

what, this old thing?

As part of our commitment to cutting levels of waste across the business, we’re excited to launch our Recovrd range – phone cases made from 100% recycled Tech21 materials.

Returns and excess waste from our production process are ground down into pellets and injection-molded into new phone cases that offer impressive drop and hygienic protection. Recycled and manufactured locally in the USA, these cases also help us cut right down on C02 emissions.


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