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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet
Tech21 green iPhone 12 case - Evo Check
Tech21 Blue iPhone 12 case - Evo Check


You might be asking yourself some questions:

• Who makes the best iPhone 12 protective case?
• Is Tech21 better than Otterbox?
• How tough is a Tech21 phone case?

While “best” might be subjective, if impact protection is what you’re looking for – Tech21 is definitely the choice for you.

Tech21 black iPhone 12 case - Evo Check

Evo Check vs Bestselling Competitor

Not only is the Tech21 Evo Check lighter than the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 12 Pro, but it also absorbs 267% more impact energy (nearly 4x!) and remains firmly on the phone after 20 drops.

Don’t take our word for it –
trust the science

Throughout tests that were conducted on our bestselling iPhone 12/12 Pro Evo Check case vs the Otterbox Defender, as well as several other competitors, not only did it outperform in terms of impact protection performance, but our Tech21 case was also the lightest of the range.

• Thin phone case? Check.
• Tough phone case? Check.
• Strong, drop proof, heavy duty… Check, check, (evo) check.

We could go on – but we’ll hold ourselves back!

Tech21 pink iPhone 12 case - Evo Check

So, what did we do?

Impact testing was carried out on iPhone 12 Pro cases at a drop height equivalent of 12ft (3.6m). Each case was tested for up to 20 impacts.

impact protection

*IPEI1 values of the different cases tested for 12ft drop height. IPEI1 is a measure of the impact energy absorbed by the case – a larger value indicates more efficient energy absorption.

weight of cases

*Absorption mass of the various cases.

The results are in

• Evo Check consistently outperformed all competitor cases in terms of impact protection.
• Evo Check was also the only case that remained firmly on the dummy device after all 20 impact tests.

So, in answer to the question, “Do we make the best protective cases?” – We’ll let you decide...

The Science Behind Peace of Mind

*Please note all test claims have been verified using methods independently approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.


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