Tech21's Safest MacBook Case

Have you recently bought a MacBook and considering the best way to protect it while on your daily commute or working from home/your favourite coffee shop? You’re going to need one of Tech21’s MacBook cases – the strongest and safest one out there thanks to an innovative mix of science and design.

Specially designed by our in-house science and materials team so that you can harness the full power of this incredible device, our cases easily apply to the laptops and offer layers of tough-wearing impact protection and complete connection. We work alongside Apple to ensure the cut-outs fit seamlessly around every port and have also added non-slip feet for steady typing – say goodbye to those moments of despair when you see the MacBook slowly falling to the floor.

Whether you want a clear MacBook case or something with a stylish tint, our cases show off the original design of the device while keeping all the important elements protected. Need somewhere to store your Apple Pencil? We’ve got that sorted, too.

Our hardshell MacBook cases are ready for everything modern life throws at them – and your device won’t overheat in them… Whether you’re looking for the latest 2021 MacBook 14” cases or MacBook 16” cases or have an older model, we have you covered. We even have patterned Evo Art cases with an exclusive camo design that makes your MacBook stand out from the crowd.