Tech21 10 Reasons to Protect Your Phone


Would you have any idea where you should be or when without that calendar and the various notes and reminders you’ve made on your phone?

2. YOU've spent a lot of money on it

Phones are not cheap – and neither are repairs. Protecting your phone now saves on all kinds of unwanted and unnecessary bills.

3. You want to capture moments on the move

Most of us now use our phones to take – and share – pictures. Imagine not being able to take a photograph of a once-in-a-lifetime event or even something more mundane.


Want to watch something while commuting into work or just need something to soundtrack a long journey? Your phone is home to all your favourite streaming services while on the go.

5. that need to google useless facts – Right Now!

Are there more doors or wheels in the world? Would Medusa wear one big hat or would each snake have its own little hat? These are the kind of queries you’d be at a loss to answer without the help of Google…

6. keeping up with the social feeds

You want to know the latest news, stories, trends and gossip the moment it breaks. This might be quite tough without your trusty phone.

7. HOW WOULD YOU 'look busy' without one?

Everyone has been there – you’re either on the receiving end of some unwanted attention, looking to be busy while waiting for that perennially late friend or just need a fake call to get out of a meeting you don’t want to attend. No phone? Forget about it…

8. Scratches and Drop damage ruins the aesthetic

Apple, Samsung, Google and the rest all put so much effort into making their phones look so smart. Do you really want this to be covered in bumps, dents and scratches?

9. The shame

Our phones are an extension of a personality and are always within arms' reach. Could you really live without yours?

10. how would you make calls?

Let’s not forget what used to be the primary function of a mobile phone – making and receiving calls while out and about. How’s a broken phone going to help with that?