You might have seen our new Evo Check Enhanced cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra and may be wondering what we mean by Enhanced and how it differs to our standard Evo Check… To do this, we’re going to take you on a scientific journey and explain more about this game-changing additive and what it means for both your phone case and the planet.

First, we need to explain a few general points… Anything that can be digested by micro-organisms is biodegradable – including almost all plastics. However, the chemistry of these plastics means micro-organisms can feed on them but this takes time – potentially hundreds or thousands of years! Standard plastics (which are benign but made from harmful materials) naturally biodegrade but the particles they break down into are simply too large for micro-organisms to consume during our lifetime.

Additives like our antimicrobial formula – think of it like spices that transform the taste of your dinner – do help make the TPU (it stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane) plastics used to make our cases more appealing to micro-organisms, but they still take a while to break down… Again, potentially thousands of years.

This is where our brand new Enhanced additive comes in. We utilize raw materials to make our Enhanced cases from a standard plastic that is both durable and high performing and when we add our special and top secret additive to the manufacturing process, it makes these cases far more attractive to micro-organisms and just the right size to consume – meaning they fully decompose within a few years rather than centuries, leaving no negative environmental impact.




With these Enhanced materials, you can throw one of our cases away in your regular waste bin once it has served its purpose. After it has been incinerated and moved to landfill, the case will break down into tiny particles ready for the micro-organisms to digest – and we have the scientific evidence that our cases decompose by more than 21% after 318 days.*

So what’s the difference between our S22 Evo Check and S22 Evo Check Enhanced? In short, the Enhanced version contains a top-secret additive that helps it decompose far more quickly once you throw it away.

At Tech21, we’re working hard to cut down on our emissions and environmental impact – with these Enhanced phone cases being just one part of our journey. While not all of our products are where we want them to be just yet, we are making steps to ensure our entire range is more sustainable and circular.

New technologies and processes are always being developed with an eye on sustainability and you can guarantee Tech21 will be at the forefront of this when it comes to responsible tech protection.

*All the plastic materials used in the construction of this case have been tested in accordance with ASTM D5511 and have biodegraded by more than 21% after 318 days. This product is not considered biodegradable in California, Maryland, or Washington.