Tech21 Evo Art Wiggle Mandala iPhone 13 cases and Eco Art iPhone 13 Frog case

A few months back, we presented our social media audience with a choice of patterns created by our fantastic team of artists and designers to vote on which ones should be added to our incredible selection of iPhone 13 cases and iPhone 12 cases. While all of these cases would have been stunning additions to our offering, we’re so happy with the choices you made…

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Full of freeform shapes and a selection of beautiful colours, our Evo Art Wiggle iPhone 13 case features wavy ombre lines and glittery touches that add the finishing touch to your new device. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when they see this case – just looking at it is enough to raise a smile. Based around the themes of happiness and self-confidence, this is a sparkly and unique phone case that still offers up to 12ft multi-drop protection and superb scratch resistance. It also has clear sections to reveal the original colour and design of your device. You can also get a Wiggle phone case for the iPhone 12 series.


Inspired by maximalist interiors and the astonishing and awe-inspiring beauty of nature, our Eco Art Frog iPhone 12 case features a hand-painted watercolour scene that finds a friendly frog happily hidden amidst gorgeous leaves and foliage. The biodegradable nature of this eco-friendly iPhone case reflects the theme and will appeal to anyone who feels a connection to nature while also leaving no microplastics or chemical residue behind.


Already a firm favourite with Tech21 customers, our Evo Art Mandala iPhone 13 Pro Max case has an intricate design that represents both peace and balance. Inspired by mindfulness and sure to bring a sense of calm into any situation – especially when you drop your phone and discover the strength of our multi-drop protection – the case reflects the mantra ‘Your home is your sanctuary’. In addition to the mandalas, this case features iridescent foiling which adds a gorgeous holographic shimmer. You can get it for the iPhone 13 series and iPhone 12.

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