We’ve partnered with global tech giant Apple once again, to develop one of our most innovative and game-changing collections yet: FlexQuartz. 

We’ve been developing clear case protection for Apple since the launch of the very first iPhone back in 2007, so when they came to us with the ask for premium clear impact technology to protect their industry-defining iPhone 15, our R&D teams rose to the challenge.  


Working with our pioneering FlexShock™ material technology, our Science team has managed to work on crafting the molecular recipe to enable us to bring fully transparent FlexShock™ to the industry. With the impressive level of impact protection that our original FlexShock material recipe has across our other ranges, this transparent material has pushed our clear case development through the ceiling, with us now able to provide the same military strength protection in fully transparent designs. 

FlexQuartz is the first fully transparent impact protected case from Tech21, showcasing 15 x the military strength standard with fully transparent FlexShock™ inserts. Our advanced in-house UV-resistant technology is another key feature to this collection, showcasing our impeccable advanced science when it comes to preventing discolouration for the lifetime of the case. This technology is embedded into the very material of the case to make sure, unlike other UV-resistant coatings, there is no wearing down and decrease in protection.  

Enhanced with our innovative bio-spice additive, this makes the case over 60% biodegradable, simply disintegrating into the earth in landfill environments once you’re finished with it, and with full MagSafe© compatibility, this truly is a case designed for the 21st century. 

Never one to miss an opportunity for some modern design, we’ve created the FlexQuartz range in a selection of 4 subtly stylish designs – blue, gold, green & pink, to bring a touch of colourful minimalism to your daily accessories, and to allow your iPhone 15’s unmistakably effortless design shine through. 

Real science for the real world is here, and you don’t have to compromise between military-grade protection and high-quality design anymore. With Tech 21 and FlexQuartz, you get both.