A Beginner's Guide to Tech21 blog post

Here at Tech21 we get asked so many questions by customers from all over the world. From more information about our game-changing materials to how to attach as case to your device, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions – and answers – below:

What’s the history of Tech21?

Tech21 was incorporated in 2005 by our founder Jason Roberts. A pioneer in protection, he developed innovative cases that kept laptops and phones safe from damage while on commutes. This forward thinking and boundary pushing has established the company as the no.1 tech protection brand around today – with cases that are scientifically proven to offer more multi-drop protection than any other leading competitor. Find out more by reading through A Short History of Tech21.

Where is Tech21 based?

Tech21 was established in Twickenham, London but is a truly global business. Our current headquarters are based in Richmond (just up the road from our original home) and our laboratory is based in Syon Park, near Brentford.

What makes Tech21 different to other tech protection companies?

We’re one of the only tech protection manufacturers to have an in-house science and materials team and are the ONLY one to have formed a partnership with the National Physical Laboratory – the world leaders in independent measurement standards. This means that not only are our testing methods approved by a world-renowned lab but when we make a claim about our levels of protection, we can prove it. Check out our test results vs competitors.

Why are Tech21 cases so good?

We know how important your tech is to you – and how much you’ve invested in these devices – and want to ensure you can go about your days with one less stress. This is why we push the boundaries to develop exclusive materials like FlexShock™ that absorbs the impact of every drop and develop biodegradable phone cases that leave no negative impact on the environment.

What are Tech21 cases made of?

We make the majority of our cases from TPU but add exclusive materials like FlexShock to provide superior levels of multi-drop protection. We’re working hard to be more sustainable and have also developed 100% biodegradable phone cases and 100% recycled cases – made entirely from returns, excess material and industrial waste.

Tech21 partners The National Physical Laboratory

Tech21's testing methods are independently approved by the NPL

Tech21's exclusive FlexShock impact material

Protective cases made from innovative materials including FlexShock™

Tech21 Evo Max iPhone 13 case made with FlexShock

We're always pushing the boundaries when it comes to tech protection

How does Tech21 help the environment?

We’re working hard on developing products made from materials that leave no negative impact on the environment and as part of our sustainable pledge, we want ALL our products to be made from sustainable materials. We’re not there yet, but we will be.

How does Tech21 test phone cases?

We use state-of-the-art equipment in our product testing that carries out a phenomenal number of calculations on each pressure point. If a case doesn’t survive 20 drops, it doesn’t go into production.

Does MagSafe work with Tech21?

We work closely with the major manufacturers to ensure our cases work seamlessly with their devices. We have MagSafe-integrated cases that allow you to reach the full charge of your device, wherever you may be.

How do you remove a Tech21 case?

Our phone cases offer a snug fit to offer ultimate protection but the best way to take off a case is to push down on the bottom right-hand corner with your thumb and gently ease the device out. We’ll be adding video tutorials to the site soon!

What is FlexShock?

FlexShock™ is the world’s most advanced impact protection material – and it’s unique to Tech21. Designed to absorb 90% of impact energy on every drop, it surrounds the key pressure points of your phone and dissipates the force instead of your phone. It’s thin, flexible, tough and can be made in any colour.

How clear are Tech21’s clear cases?

We’ve all seen those cases that used to be clear and now have a strange and unsightly tint of yellow… You won’t have to worry about any discolouring with Tech21’s transparent cases. They’re made with advanced anti-yellowing materials that are scientifically proven to stay clear for the lifetime of the device.

What does antimicrobial mean?

Antimicrobial products reduce or slow the spread of microorganisms including microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi such as mould and mildew. Smartphones carry up to 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat – so it’s important you keep yours clean. The majority of our cases contain built-in antimicrobial protection that destroys microbes, reducing them by 99.99% within just 24 hours.

Tech21's clear and transparent anti-yellowing phone cases

Advanced anti-yellowing agents ensure we have the clearest cases around

Tech21's antimicrobial phone cases

Keeping things clean with built-in antimicrobial technology

Tech21 product testing

If a case can't survive 20 drop tests, it won't go into production

Can I work at Tech21?

We’re always looking for talented people to join the Tech21 team. Check out the latest vacancies to see if there’s something for you.

What stores sell Tech21?

Browse our list of authorized retailers to find out where you can buy Tech21 cases.