Whether National Technology Day is celebrated on the 6th January (United States) or the 11th May (India), at Tech21 we believe every day is perfect for celebrating the creative thinking of inventors and the progress and possibilities of their technological achievements.

The 6th of January date was made commemorative by the Vegas-based tech company AXEL in 2016 and is intended to mark the achievements and inventions that have shaped and inspired the way we live. From the wheel to the latest smartphones and apps, National Technology Day recognizes tech’s impact on the world and how it will change all of our lives in the future.

It’s impossible to understate how important technology and progress has been to the modern world – you wouldn’t be reading this article if people hadn’t pushed boundaries, both from an online perspective and when it comes to developing smartphones, computers and devices – and the impact it has had on communication, health, entertainment and so much more. Making all of our lives easier, it’s remarkable that the tech sector still remains the fastest-growing industry around. There’s always something new to aim for.


It's incredible how quickly things change, with AI no longer being the subject of classic science fiction novels but very much here to stay, and communication now available in less than a second to pretty much anyone you want to speak to, no matter where they are in the world. From screens to streams and apps to augmented reality, there’s always a new boundary-pushing concept to embrace.


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